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Arts Access Plus Lottery

Arts Access Plus Lottery Entry Form

What is the Arts Access Plus Lottery?

The Arts Access Plus Lottery provides a monthly chance to win tickets to exclusive events hosted by our partner organizations. ASI will buy the tickets for the winners. Every month, ASI will pick two special events for the lottery. Existing passholders can enter the lottery from the 1st to the 15th of each month. The events will take place in the following month (e.g., the March lottery is for April events). One winner will be chosen for each event, receiving two tickets—one for themselves and one for a guest.

Arts Access Plus Fund Founding Donors

Anonymous (7), Lindsay Aleshire, Michele Allen, Alex Besso, Kelsey Banaszak, Sukanya Burman, Lauren C, Chelsea Bradley, Marie Cobado, Evan Courtin, Sophie Crider, Donna Crider, Sara Fuller, David Goodwin, Kelly Gras, John Handel, Roberta Helta, Nadine Helta, Barbara Irwin, Carlos Jones, Anthony Kalinowski, Alyssa Kearly, Tod Kniazuk, Marguerite Knowles, Marisa Malik, Katie Marinelli, Jerry McGarrity, Kenneth Murray, Mary Beth Murray, Molly Murray, Marcia Muscato, Nicolette Navarro, Maryalice Nowak, Owen Ó Súilleabháin, David Ostrowski, Matt Reinig, Kenneth Rogers, Susan Royal, Michael Russo, John Smigielski, Jordan Steves, Linda Trudeau, Hope W, Dave & Susan Wedekindt, Keith Wissing

The Arts Access Plus Fund would not have been possible without the support of these incredible community members. Thank you to everyone who contributed to ASI's Give 716 campaign to fully fund the inaugural year of Arts Access Plus.

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